Another piece written while I was in WA’s Great Southern region! As I was writing this piece, the evening chorus of kookaburras started up, blending in with the music. And they fitted so well that I felt compelled to keep them in — after all, their staccato laughing fits in well with a rhythmical, glitchy drop.

This song is intentionally harmonically simple — it really does just stick to the most basic primary chords. I wanted to write something which was optimistic, and joyful, and fun — so nice primary colours, and big open power chords and bouncy lines. And, of course, a whole lot of playing with that mod wheel for vibrato on the lead! I also had fun with the intro — applying a really tight EQ to the intro so that the whole thing sounds fuller and bigger when the song really kicks off.

Listen wherever you get your stream on. 😉

Oh, and this piece also introduces a new little “barryvan” logo which I think I like… It’s kinda like a backwards quaver (eighth note) and has some nice forward momentum. Plus it feels a little bit retro futuristic. At least in my opinion. 😝

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