How many do you see?

My style combines lo-fi video game sounds with dance, big sweeping orchestral lines, and piano performances.

I first started writing music electronically using a tracker — originally ModEdit, but I found my way to ModPlug Tracker (now OpenMPT). I’ve since moved onto Reaper, but many of my pieces retain elements of the demoscene and video game music sound. Combined with my classical music and jazz piano background, many of my tracks don’t fit neatly into any one genre.

I entered this track in a Native Instruments competition.

Technical notes on this track:

  • Produced using Reaper DAW
  • Two instances of “The Maverick” NI piano
  • Session Strings Pro for basses, celli, violas, violins + stock Kontakt ‘bones and vowel-morphed choir
  • Bass is a custom Massive patch
  • Drums by Drum Lab
  • Arp courtesy of Oki Computer 2 in Reaktor
  • Bell lead via Rounds
  • Also includes sampled monkey balls and bowed saw, as well as Droopy the Dragon (from Kontakt 3)
  • Lots of Guitar Rig ensembles for Fx, as well as Replika and stock Reaper compressor
  • Performed on a first-generation S61
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