[Music] Lament

About a month ago, I was playing around on the piano, and I came up with a fragment of melody that I couldn’t get out of my head. I played with it, twisting it around, pushing it in different directions, seeing what I could do with it. Ultimately, I turned it into a full piece of music, and this is the result.

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Like this track? Buy it at thesixtyone, and help feed an impoverished (well, not really) programmer.

You can also listen to one of the (early) improvisations I played on this theme by downloading the recording I made on my phone here.

3 thoughts on “[Music] Lament

  1. Nicholas says:

    Very nice Barry! I particularly like the flat notes towards the end. Don’t know what the proper name for them is, but they sound really good!

    BTW: Is it possible to put a link in to download the mp3 of this? I got it by trawling the source, but a nice, out in the open, “download this now” link would be great!

    1. Barry van Oudtshoorn says:

      @Nicholas: Well, it’s available for purchase at thesixtyone, so making it freely downloadable would defeat that. 😛

      However, seeing as you’re family and all, I’ll email you links when I release new tracks. 🙂

  2. edip çiftçi (turkey) says:

    very very beatiful and , ı love you maestro…



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