[Music] Old gum tree

Nursery rhymes have recently become a much more prominent part of my day-to-day life: a not unexpected development when you have a four-month-old son. 🙂 I don’t, however, see why they should always be quite so staid and boring — or, for that matter, distressingly cheerful. Out of these thoughts, then, came this piece — an electronic rendition of Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree, put into a minor key for fun and profit.

I should, of course, also note that Ben, Ariel, and I have our own special version of the lyrics:

Benedict sits on his daddy’s knee,
counting all the monkeys he can see.
“None! Daddy, there are none!
Daddy there are no monkeys here but me!”

You can grab and listen to it on Soundcloud, or use the embedded player and download links below.

(Download: Opus | Ogg | MP3)

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