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Web technologies

Software development

  • Big design vs simple solutions – contrasting Simplest-Solution-That-Could-Possibly-Work (SSTCPW) and Big-Design-Up-Front (BDUF) approaches to software engneering


Reading list 2013-01-19

New year, new theme, new series of blog posts. I’ve noticed that my blog has been light on technical things for a while now, so I thought that I would do a semi-regular series of entries on things that have caught my eye online.

Web technologies


[Music] Orchestral Sonata II

My wonderful wife gave me a copy of Session Strings Pro for Christmas, and this is its first outing. I’m very impressed by the sound and precision of Session Strings — especially compared to the VSL strings that come bundled with Kontakt.

This is a programmatic (movie/game-type) orchestral piece in a rough sonata form.

(Download: Opus | Ogg | MP3)

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