iOS 4

I’ve been living with Apple’s new OS for about a day now, and the conclusion I’ve come to is that Apple dropped the ball. There are so many minor frustrations, as well as a few big ones, that the whole experience is at best annoying, and at worst unbearable.

The new iOS isn’t all bad. The animations feel snappier, Springboard is prettier, and it’s got the slick Apple feel which everyone so desperately wants to emulate. The big one, of course, is multitasking, and that I think they got right.

But then there are the problems. Apps crash with neither rhyme nor reason: the iPod app won’t even startup properly for me anymore. Google Sync is kaput (although I think Google should take some of the blame for that). The new folders, whilst useful, are, to be charitable, ugly. It all feels as though it was released without going through proper testing, let alone going through the spit-and-polish phase.

I was looking forward to this update. I thought that, like all the iOS versions before it, it would Just WorkTM. I hope that when they patch iOS 4, they don’t introduce any new features: there’s just too much that needs to be fixed.

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