[Music] Ventilate

Well, it’s been a fair while since I last uploaded a piece of music — over two months, in fact! So here’s my latest piece.

This piece actually started out as an experiment — I recently got my hands on all sorts of shiny new toys, and my DAW got an awesome upgrade, so I couldn’t resist seeing what I could do with them.

I managed to use all but one of the products that came with Komplete to make this track — FM8, Massive, Reaktor, Guitar Rig, Kontakt, and Battery. Much fun. 😀

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Hmm… For some reason, the version of this uploaded to thesixtyone gets some distortion on the bass during the intro section. I’ve tried uploading at various bitrates, multiple times, but it still keeps on happening. I think they must be doing some re-encoding. :/ Very annoying.


I am so excited, I’m giggling like a schoolgirl. I just unwrapped a package that I received from Germany: Native Instruments’ Komplete. It’s installing now.

In the (large and encouragingly heavy) box, I found the following exciting items:

  1. Eight (yes, eight!) DVDs full of awesomeness
  2. Seven hefty printed manuals (in a boxed seat, no less)
  3. Four large (5″x1″) ‘Native Instruments’ stickers
  4. Ten small (2.5″x0.5″) ‘Native Instruments’ stickers
  5. A neck clip thing, with a very shiny stainless steel clip and detacher thinggy

In terms of software, Komplete means that my Native Instruments collection now comprises

  • Kontakt 2
  • Kontakt 3
  • Kontakt 4
  • Battery 3
  • Guitar Rig
  • FM8
  • Reaktor
  • Massive
  • Absynth


Google Wave & iPhone

I just tried out Google Wave on the iPhone. Interestingly, despite an initial “your browser is not supported” message, the actual system sports a rather snazzy app-like interface on the iPhone.

I’ll be interested to see what kind of support Wave will ‘officially’ have on mobile platforms, and perhaps even more interested in what ‘unofficial’ support there’ll be.