South African Holiday

Well, tomorrow my wife and I, together with my parents, leave for South Africa for two weeks. It should be good — catching up with family, visiting various lion parks, and so on.

I fully intend to post photos, notes, and whatever here during the trip, but I also fully anticipate that this won’t happen. 🙂 Nevertheless, I will endeavour to put something up about the holiday, even if it’s after the fact.

Apple Keyboard & Windows

At work, I recently moved to one of the slim aluminium Apple keyboards, and I love it. Linux and the keyboard play nicely together without any hassles whatsoever. So, emboldened by this success, I bought another one for use at home — with my Windows machine. The results were, well, less than dazzling.

Whilst the keyboard’s basic functions pose no problem to Windows — it is, after all, just a USB keyboard — there were some problems, especially with the Function keys. Basically, the [fn] key doesn’t seem to generate a recognisable keycode for Windows, which meant that I didn’t have access to all the spiffy multimedia controls and so on.

After much googling and installation of keyboard drivers originally distributed with Apple’s Boot Camp, I eventually stumbled across a great little utility by Petr Laštovička, which allows a fairly clean and simple remapping of keys to functions. [For the Googlers who’ve arrived here looking for a solution to the Mac Keyboard + Windows problem, it beats out Sharpkeys for me because it can handle key combos.]

So, ultimately, I have ended with a very good-looking, nice-feeling keyboard that works 99% of the way I want it to. My biggest gripe is that changing the volume now requires me to press [Command]+[Fn]+[F10/F11/F12], rather than just [Fn]+[F10/F11/F12], as I can in Linux. I’m quite happy with this keyboard — although it’s not 100%, it’s definitely much better than most similarly-priced keyboards (at $69AUD).


My first track in quite a while. :/ This one is a bit of a different from my usual stuff (although I tend to say that a lot nowadays… Hmm…). Not quite sure why I had such a long hiatus, but hopefully this track spells the end of it. We’ll see.

I made use of some of the samples that my friends at ModPlug Central gave me for a wedding present, as well as mutilating some of my other sample libraries.

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