Harbinger wrote: “Way too short.”

Yeah, I know. :)It’s this short because of my earlier hardware limitations: at around this length, the entire computer would grind to a halt, with nasty ear-hurting artifacts. :/ Maybe I’ll do an ‘extended mix’ one of these days.

uncloned wrote: “certainly very aggressive for you. … The tuned buried in the distortion and minor mode is still bouncy and happy somehow. That is an accomplishment! It sounds like a tune from a Disney animation movie with ghosts jamming.”

Thanks! I assume that that’s a positive thing… 😀 Maybe the bouncy happiness is helped by the fact that I swung the semiquavers — when I first started, it was all straight, and, to be honest, a bit bland. I think the swing lifts it a bit. 🙂

Thanks for your feedback, Harbinger and Clones! 🙂