Music for film and games

Music is one of the most powerful ways to move people’s emotions. Whilst characters and action tell the story, it’s music that largely determines how people should react to the story. Action scenes accompanied by sharp, aggressive music seem faster; moments of tension are heightened by ominous and foreboding music; and happy reunions bring a tear to the eye when accompanied by majestic, sweeping tunes.

It’s important to make sure that your movie or game has the music that you want it to have, to convey the meaning that you want to. That’s why at Barryvan, writing music is more than just putting together notes. It’s about detailed analysis of your needs and desires for the music; it’s about constant feedback; ultimately, it’s about getting it right.

We offer music in a variety of styles, to suit all genres of movie and game. Traditional orchestral pieces, floor-thumping dance anthems, catchy rock tunes: we offer them all.

Licensing & Pricing

We offer a number of different licenses for our music. Music may be licensed exclusively to you, in which case it won’t be released elsewhere, won’t be used anywhere else, and is guaranteed unique to your project. Alternatively, for a lower price, you may choose to use music which is already, or will become, available to others for use. For non-profit ventures, we can offer music for free on a non-exclusive, all rights reserved basis. In other words, you can use the music, but we retain the copyright. To find out what license is best for you, simply contact us, and we’ll work it out. Our prices are very competitive, and you can arrange to buy tracks on a track-per-track basis, on a time basis, or on a project basis.

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