[Music] Malcontent

This track really hearkens back to music I was writing a decade or so ago. In fact, some of the sounds are from that era, including the “boomwhackers” (which give the “tag” at the end). I’m really glad to have rediscovered these. They’re essentially lengths of PVC pipe which the sampler whacked against her/his head and recorded. I love how they can cut through the mix without being overbearing.

It’s been a while since I managed to write some music, what with moving house and two small children and the allure of games, but hopefully this track is just the first of many this year. 😉

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[Music] Sky on fire

Once again, it’s been a long interval between tracks. But here’s one at last! It’s quite fun to write in this style, with a half-time feel — the feel popularised by dubstep. I’m a particular fan when used in conjunction with rapid arps, as it bumps up the contrast. 🙂

Production: It’s about 90% NI Massive, with a little bit of Polyplex, Battery, and Kontakt thrown in.

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